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Hey there, I have made a small video about your game related to The Algeria Game Awards 2021. I gotta be honest, this is not my style but you can use this game to torture a friend for sure XD


Thank you so much.


Terror Engine in 2021


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Hello, nope this version of the game isn't made with Terror Engine and it got nothing to do with it because this version is made with Unity 2019.04.16f.

And like I mentioned in the credits tab inside the game for the assets that I used to build this game, I said there "The Textures, Skyboxes, User Interface buttons, Jumpscares Audio & Images are taken from "SAD SATAN" which I guess they were taken from this engine and used in the original game.


Gameplay Sweet Satan.

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Hola badiiiro, es un exelente juego espero  termines de desarrollarlo es muy interesante. Un cordial saludo.

Hello badiiiro, it is an excellent game I hope you finish developing it is very interesting. a cordial greeting.

Bio Ultimatum.

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Thank you so much BIO, I really hope you enjoyed playing the game, and thank you in advance for the video you made.

Is this dead?

The game won't harm you if that is what you mean.

I Meant like Will it Get Updates

For now and for the PC version of the game I don't think so because I have no new Idea to what to add to the game, but maybe in the future for the mobile version maybe I'll update the game... I'll remove some images and change the game mechanics and publish it in G-Play Store.


LOL. I downloaded this game and played it with my fiancé. She flipped out and told me to delete it ! She didn't want the house haunted lmao!

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Hahaha, tell her not to worry, it's just a game.

Pretty bare-bones game. BTW There is a health indicator, which is not utilized.

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Hey @jacktheripper2018, actually it's usable in this game, if you want to win this game, in the first 10 seconds, just walk through the wall that is right behind you, but be careful, because there's no escaping it.